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On the Case this Halloween as “Jack Bauer”

October 14, 2009

I’m a big enthusiast about dressing up for Halloween, but not very good about putting together costumes. The highlights of my Halloween as an adult consist of the two years (yes, in a row) when I went as a “poor man’s” version of a Starfleet officer, and last year when I dressed up in a cape and referred to myself as a Sith Lord. In both of those cases, I was lucky enough to have the accessories I needed to just barely pull off the looks I wanted.

Nonetheless, I’ve been very dissappointed with the constumes I’ve worn for Halloween these last few years, so last year I swore to myself that I would be more proactive about thinking of something better. One idea I’ve bounced around is to dress up as one of those Bridge officers from the Star Wars films. You know, the guys in the all-black or grey costumes with the British accents and chiclets glued to their chests who are always being strangled by Darth Vader.

My theory was that I only needed to find an all-grey or all-black suit, tall leather boots, and a helmet that would make me look like those characters from the movies. These were some great thoughts, but unfortunately Halloween came and went so I moved on to other things, like life and getting my shopping done for Christmas.

This year I’ve used my new, proactive approach to Halloween to develop a very practical costume idea: Dress up as a CTU agent. If anybody asks, I’ll tell them that I’m Jack Bauer, the lead character from the show “24,” but in case I want to avoid snickers I will just say that I’m one of those CTU agents you see in the background, or maybe Jack’s partner. You know, those characters who are invented just so they can be killed off half way through the season.

<img title=”Walther P99″ src=”; alt=”Example of the gun carried by Jack Bauer on the show 24.” width=”300″ height=”233″ />

Example of the gun carried by Jack Bauer on the show &quot;24.&quot;

My costume will be relatively simple. About a month ago I bought a toy gun from Halloween USA that’s similar to the type used by Jack and other characters on the show. I already have something I can use as a holster, and this weekend I ordered the officially licensed Jack Bauer Halloween Kit from The kid comes with: bullet proof vest, taser, cellphone, badge, watch, I.D. card, makeup for applying the look of scarring on your face, and a tannish brown satchel like the one worn by Jack Bauer during the more recent seasons of “24.”

I really only ordered the kit for the badge and the bulletproof vest, but the other accessories are also a nice touch. I’m not too crazy about the blue bulletproof vest or the man bag with the big “CTU” logo on the front of it, but I’m willing to work around it.

The only way the expense will be worth it, of course, is if I’m able to wear this costume in public. Last year, I wore my Sith Lord costume to the Trunk ‘n’ Treat at the Coe Church, and this year I’m hoping there will be an opportunity at work. I am a little worried about bringing a fake gun to work, so maybe I will just bring the taser.

My friend was asking me why I was going to all of the trouble of buying a costume that I’m only going to wear once. He admitted that he had considered ordering a Darth Vader costume for himself, but he’s a teacher so he could potentially get more than one use out of it. I explained that I could still use parts from the Jack Bauer disguise, such as the badge if I want to be a FBI agent for Halloweens to come. With additional decoration, the bulletproof vest could become almost anything else.
<blockquote>I’m wondering what everyone else is planning for Halloween this year. Will you be dressing up like me, or participating as an observer only? Do you make your own costume or go with store bought outfits?</blockquote>

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