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Twitter Replay – November 11, 2009

November 12, 2009


A summary of today’s of the day’s best tweets by topic.

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November 11, 2009


  • EduGuide: RT @educatedlife: in defense of lecturing in the social studies classroom #education
  • EduGuide: RT @collegeprowler: RT @YOUniversityTV College admission tougher for girls than boys?
  • EduGuide: @MyYoungChild It was our pleasure! When you get a moment, check out our website at
  • EduGuide: @CharlieGrounds You’re welcome, and you too!
  • EduGuide: RT @AAEteachers: “Education is not filling a pail, but the lighting of a fire” William Butler Yeats | #education #inspiration #quotes
  • EduGuide: RT @alfredtwo: Wait while I look that up on the Internet:
  • EduGuide: RT @teachermagazine: Web Connects K-12 Students With Scientists:
  • EduGuide: RT @successsecret: Blog Post: Problems Can b Opps in Disguise-
  • EduGuide: RT @College_Success: November is National Scholarship Month… RT @campuscompare:
  • EduGuide: RT @College_Success: RT @educationweek Measuring College Engagement, Achievement
  • EduGuide: RT @mommyperks: 14 educational games for kids:
  • EduGuide: RT @educatedlife: Digitally Revamped Library Eschews Books, Stacks #education
  • EduGuide: RT @ResourcefulMom: Just 15 minutes to go until our Twitter event for National Adoption Month. Join us at  —-> #adoptuskids
  • EduGuide: Voices of Michigan Education radio show to examine parent-teacher communications tonight at 7 p.m. on #WJR 760. #mea
  • EduGuide: RT @edutopia: RT @EdutopiaBetty: Should #specialed students part. in stand. testing? If not, what can we do abt it?
  • EduGuide: RT @dcmp_tweets: RT @TechnologyInEd: RT @FNDFLTILES: Disneyland Introduces new Audio Description Service
  • EduGuide: RT @tdisanza: FYI: Blackboard Adds BlackBerry App for Mobile Web Platform
  • EduGuide: RT @kalinagoenglish: RT @EnglishProfi: Using Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom gr8 read RT @abfromz via @tombarrett
  • EduGuide: RT @joebjr: RT: @wuInstMedia Twitter and Penguins: How The San Francisco Zoo Uses Twitter
  • EduGuide: RT @gnaeyaert: Rhee: We need to educate & empower parents with the data we have, & how schools are performing, & that will lead to reform!!


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