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November 17, 2009
  • 14:25 RT @allnick: New blog post: First Third-Party Facebook Ad Manager Launches Using Facebook Ads API ^JAM #
  • 14:29 RT @EducatorOnline: UND student takes learning on the road – Grand Forks Herald #
  • 14:45 RT @MaryAnnScheuer: RT @donalynbooks "After third grade, most of the words we learn– we acquire through reading." #
  • 14:51 RT @engadget: iPhone ‘home’ button earrings are for serious fangirls (and guys) only ^JAM #
  • 15:00 RT @ejulez: "Do things not because they make you look good, but do things because they are good". @spiffwhitfield Good point. ^JAM #
  • 19:35 Pimp My Bus Ride: Hip Intercity Motor Coaches – Goodbye, malodorous passengers. Hello, free wi-fi. The new, hip int… #
  • 19:35 Palin on Oprah: The Personal is Political – If you didn’t like Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, she has a mess… #
  • 21:15 @NkHpTwihard that’s good to know #
  • 21:23 RT @educatedlife: One test does not fit all #education #Eduguide #
  • 21:27 RT @Shop_Rite: Facebook Automatically Displays Couple Photo when Its Members Get Engaged #
  • 21:29 RT @vqde1jz: How many weeks does my baby look like? And is she a girl or boy… #
  • 22:32 RT @Twitter_Tips: 4 Incredibly Simple Ways to Find Cool Twitter People: –Share: #Eduguide #
  • 22:34 RT @vqde1jz: When America went animal crackers | Insight on the News Newspaper… #
  • 22:36 RT @Twitter_Tips: TweetDeck is the second most popular way to Tweet: #
  • 22:38 RT @ADDhousewife: I want 2 teach classes/out reach 2 low income families 2 help them eat healthier, mke better food choices, stretch their $ #
  • 22:39 @ADDhousewife what help do you need with achieving your goals? #
  • 22:42 RT @Twitter_Tips: How Not To Be A Moron on Twitter –Share: #
  • 22:51 RT @briansolis: Reading "The Death of the URL" by @chrismessina #edustaff #
  • 05:50 RT @Twitter_Tips: r/t Voice-twitter: the next killer app? –Share: #
  • 05:51 RT @LansingNews: LCC trustees aim to restore Promise – Lansing State Journal: #education #
  • 05:53 RT @Twitter_Tips: r/t What The Trend? Find out WHY terms are trending on Twitter –Share: @edustaff #
  • 05:57 RT @Twitter_Tips: r/t Measure someone’s Twitter relevance, not just followers: –Share: @edustaff #

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